This Memorial Day, Guillotine Vodka proudly salutes all veterans who have served their country. As we honor our heroes of past and present, the long holiday weekend is also celebrated as a prelude to summer and sunshine. Uniting with friends and family—whether 6ft apart or virtually—we aim to provide a guide to good eats and drinks. “Cheers + Charcuterie” supplies all the tips and tricks on how to create your own Memorial Day charcuterie board that perfectly pairs with our newly released Guillotine Heritage Barrel-Aged Vodka, now available online!

Guillotine Heritage never fails to deliver an impressive taste. Whether you’re drinking it straight or crafting cocktails featured in our Better-At-Home: Spring Cocktail Edition, the depths of rich flavors compliment each savory, creamy or satiating crunch you’ll take from your charcuterie board. At the very base, a charcuterie board is a sophisticated way to showcase cheese and crackers. Originally from France and usually consisting of only meats, the fancy appetizer has evolved into a beautiful display of all sorts of delectable foods. There are no rules when creating your board. Assembling mini baguettes toasted to perfection, dried and fresh fruit, gourmet cheeses, and dipping sauces is a true form of artistic expression.

A good cocktail will bring your charcuterie to life. We suggest adding these top 3 ingredients to compliment your Guillotine cocktail: cheese, cured meat, and nuts. Don’t be shy! Your board is your masterpiece. Get creative with tangy flavors from fruits and marmalades to different spices and breads. The raw ingredients from your holiday board will balance the clean and smooth taste of Heritage’s barrel-aged flavors. Wash away the explosion of textures with this mid-palate rush, sure to accentuate earthy cheese, and exotic nuts. Choose meats which are hard, soft and dry-cured — the more variety, the more eloquent and eye-pleasing it will be. The cured meat brings a savory taste and are best served with our most robust cocktail of the Spring season, The Heiress. The Heiress is full-bodied, mixed with citrus flavors and spicy notes that include microplaned cloves and cinnamon.

Pair your masterpiece with more cocktails from our Better-At-Home: Spring Cocktail Edition to have an experience which is truly A Cut Above Le Reste! Cheers!

Cheese And Charcuterie Spread From Cooking With Cocktail Rings
Cheese And Charcuterie Spread From Cooking With Cocktail Rings Cyprus Grove Midnight Moon
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