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Guillotine Vodka featured in Rolling Stone
Guillotine Vodka® stays hot with two new features published during the sizzling month of August. Throughout the Summer, the brand has heavily promoted and highlighted the Originale for its light and clean finish, pairing well with summer cocktails and treats meant to beat the heat. Yet, to no surprise, our Heritage barrel-aged vodka continues to steal the show, receiving validation from global news outlets. It seems consumers and publications alike cannot deny nor resist the delectable qualities of the world’s only French vodka made from Champagne-region grapes that is matured in Limousin oak barrels.
The first feature was received from acclaimed New York-based magazine, Rolling Stone, listing Guillotine Heritage barrel-aged vodka as #3 on “The Best Vodka Brands To Buy Right Now”. Recognized for their opinions on popular culture, Rolling Stone emphasized the demand for the Heritage, reinforcing its acclaim by noting the uniqueness and sophistication the Heritage possesses, comparing it to a fine cognac.
The article goes on to highlight the brand’s success, stating: “Guillotine is ideal for anyone who’s already developed a palette for vodka and is looking to try something new. It’s been lauded by experts and the public alike, earning a Double Gold Medal at the consumer-judged SIP Awards in 2019.”
The Rolling Stone article was then re-published by Yahoo!, more than doubling its exposure to an audience that may be familiar with vodka, but not necessarily aware of this new French vodka that is truly A Cut Above Le Reste.
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