As the leaves turn and the summer heat begins to fade, Guillotine Vodka® kicks off the Fall season with a cocktail collaboration with one of our favorite restaurants, Porta Via.

Serving cool California cuisine from locations in Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, and Calabasas, Porta Via’s chic clientele of locals, tourists and celebrities enjoy the stylish restaurant’s bar and lounge, as well as its fine dining and its especially creative cocktail philosophy.

Choosing only the best ingredients from local Los Angeles farmer’s markets, owner Peter Garland strives to create quality foods and drinks that are simply prepared and thoroughly enjoyed. This level of culinary thoughtfulness extends to their mixology mission, one that’s deliciously reflected in this season’s cocktail collaboration.

With great pleasure, Guillotine Vodka® presents the Piña Picante by Porta Via. The Piña Picante gives a spicy kick to the end-of-summer, paired with refreshing zesty flavors and a sweet finish. The citrus juices and chili-lime taste from the Tajín flakes on the rim of the glass create a mouth watering combination. The subtle savor of spice from muddled Jalapeños creates a balance between the sweet pineapple and lemon juices. A perfect way to beat the heat, the Piña Picante’s enticing blend of notes, aromas, and textures will have you craving another.

Piña Picante
To try this recipe at home follow these simple steps:
2 oz Guillotine Originale .5 oz Lemon Juice .5 oz Simple Syrup Muddled Jalapeño (Measure to taste) 1 oz Pineapple Juice *Shake for 10 seconds *Strain and Pour into Martini Glass *Garnish Rim with Tajín Flakes and Jalapeno Slice for Heat

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