More than ever, it’s important to create opportunities to connect with the ones we love. To commemorate the new year, Guillotine Vodka offers a custom cocktail that blends two bold staple spirits into one to inspire special moments and relive cherished memories. In collaboration with Wally’s restaurant, a leader in the culinary space and a Los Angeles favorite known among wine, cheese, and chocolate connoisseurs, we’ve created a cocktail for your next virtual happy hour. Guillotine Vodka proudly presents “Nouveau Carré” by Wally’s Beverly Hills. 

Wally’s is known for their range of different wines extending across the globe and was recently awarded the Wine Spectator Grand Award, a prestigious honor that only 89 restaurants worldwide have been recognized with over the past 35 years. An award-winning wine purveyor working together with an award-winning producer of ultra-premium vodkas – what better way to ensure the forthcoming year is full of good cheer? 

To that end, Guillotine’s take on a “Nouveau Carré” combines ultra-premium vodka and red wine to create a delectable balance of taste, color, and aroma, easily elevating the homemade cocktail to the level of restaurant-quality mixology. Strong, mildly sweet, and perfectly rounded with a garnish of red and green finger grapes, this cocktail is specially made to encourage a digital rendezvous.

Raise a glass with family and friends:

  • 2 oz Guillotine Originale
  • 1 oz Lemon Juice
  • .75 oz Saint Germain
  • *Shake and Pour
  • *Top off with 1 oz Red Wine
  • *Garnish with Green Finger Grapes and Red grapes
  • 6cl de Guillotine Originale
  • 3cl de Jus De Citron
  • 2cl de Saint Germain
  • *Shaker et verser
  • *Compléter avec 3cl de vin rouge
  • *Ajouter 1 raisin rouge et 2 raisins verts

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