As the season fully turns a new leaf and Fall’s presence is upon us, we welcome in the warmth and cozy spirit it brings. A time to stay connected, a time to fall in love, to express appreciation for your loved ones, and to choose “Gratitude Above Le Reste.”

This Thanksgiving, Guillotine Vodka® partnered with Tesse Restaurant to create an exceptional holiday collaboration through a specialty cocktail that represents this giving spirit: the “MLK Punch”. Tesse is a charming boutique French restaurant serving European-style cuisine that emphasizes cultural favorites, crafting unique mixologies to pair with their most popular dishes.

A testament to the skill of Tesse’s mixologists, the “MLK Punch” is smooth, mildly-sweet and a true taste of the holidays. This delicious drink is exclusively made with Guillotine Heritage barrel-aged vodka, Jamaican rum, citrus, and served ice-cold for a smooth refreshing finish.

What makes the”MLK Punch”  even more powerful is that with each purchase, Tesse will donate $1 to the International Grocery Fund (IGF), a subsidiary of The Okra Project, which sends grants to Black Trans people anywhere in the world who are experiencing emergency food shortages.

Guillotine Heritage barrel-aged vodka MLK Punch
Make your own and give a toast to the drink that keeps on giving!
1.25 oz Guillotine Heritage
.5 oz Lemon Lime Juice
1.25 oz Caramelized Pineapple Gomme
.75 oz Vermouth
.75 oz The Funk (Jamaican rum)
*Stir for 20-30 seconds
*Pour into Rocks Glass over a Large Clear Ice Cube for Holiday
4 cl de Guillotine Heritage
1,5 cl de jus de citron
4 cl de sirop d’ananas caramélisé
2 cl de vermouth
2cl de rhum Jamaïcain
*Remuer pendant 20-30 secondes
*Verser dans un verre sur un grand glaçon transparent

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