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The Website access is subject to national, Community and international laws applying in the country of connection.
The Website access is temporarily authorized for Website Users who are located in countries or territories where the sale, advertising and consumption of alcoholic beverages are permitted.
The Website access is exclusively reserved to Website Users with legal age to purchase or use alcohol in their country of residence. If there is no specific legal provisionabout this age, the Website User must at least be 21 years old.
BASTILLE DAYmayrequire the Website User’s age when entering on the Website.
The Website User must indicate his country of residence and his age in order to access to the Website.
If the Website User indicates a lower age than the legal ageto use alcohol in his country of residence, the access to the Website will be blocked.
The Website User should give complete and accurate information.
If the Website User indicated awrong age and/or country of residence in order to access to the Website, he should immediately quit the Website.BASTILLE DAY will not be liableon this basis.
The Website User agrees to immediately quit the Website if he does not accept the present terms or if he is underageto use alcohol in his country of connection or if he accesses to the Website from a country where use of the Website is prohibited.