Driven by its rebellious spirit, Guillotine Vodka is abolishing debate, revolutionizing habits, dictating its own laws and proclaiming vodka's independence:

The Collection

"Boldness, and again boldness, and always boldness!" / Bold audacity - Danton 1792.

Guillotine vodka promises the best to those who dare to look it in the eye. It refuses to compromise on courage, force or finesse.

Like a liberating mind, Guillotine vodka has both the taste of intrigue and the ability to surprise.
It is in this spirit, that Guillotine vodka has put its head on the block to present a collection of 2 unique and exceptional vodkas:

  • - a traditional vodka: Guillotine Vodka
  • - an aged, amber-colored vodka: Guillotine Heritage.

The Origin

The deeper the roots, the higher the tree!

In delving deep into history, Guillotine found the key to its premium harmonies.
Guillotine vodka innovates by respecting the past and heading to the future!
(With your head cut off, you suddenly have eyes in the back of your head.)

Guillotine vodka is a piece of history, its eyes set on invading the future, armed with both its experience and its youth: 100% French, it is made from the distillation of grape exclusively from Champenois vineyard extract.

Guillotine vodka has chosen excellence as its primary ingredient and distinguishes itself through an exact manufacturing process and traditional French savoir-faire.


A high-end french vodka.

Guillotine is made by the same hands that pick the grapes, using the best noses in the business - the cellar masters: enologists and artisans who labor to create its subtle and powerful flavor and unique quality. The grape marc is fermented and slowly distilled in a traditional, 100-year old distillery, in which French expertise preserves all the subtleties of the fruit.

Guillotine Héritage vodka savors the passage of time so much that it seizes every moment. It is aged in oak barrels until, with the overwelming pleasure that only spirits have, it suddenly bursts into the pure joy of being!

It transforms monotony into a vibrant beating heart.


Guillotine Heritage:
The beautiful complexity of woody notes evokes an oak cigar box, coupled with spices, vanilla and cinnamon, to present a very well-balanced nose. On the palate, the attack is smooth and clean. The final assault is long, revealing a hint of umami (sweet/salty) and a touch of licorice and Szechuan pepper.

Guillotine Vodka:
Its nose is sharp, characterized by fresh lemon citrus notes. On the palate, the attack is smooth and velvety. Guillotine vodka delicately coats the mid-palate, exposing a beautiful complex structure among with a flow of lemony notes and the light fruitiness of Zante currants. The finish is clean and well-balanced.